Thursday, October 18, 2007

harvest soup

I'm having my friend Tricia over for dinner tonight, and have decided to serve soup since it's easy and fairly quick. I have some jars of my basic squash soup in the freezer, so I'll use that as a base. But while I was preparing some stuff to add to it, I decided to take the soup in a whole new direction...

Heat up three portions of:

1 recipe basic squash soup

Then, in a SEPARATE pot, prepare the following SECOND soup:

1/2 large (garden large, not grocery store large) zucchini
3 carrots
1/2 cup green or brown lentils
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon curry powder
pinch rosemary
Herbamare original seasoning, to taste

I had some carrots and a zucchini from my parents' garden in my fridge. I chopped them both individually in my food processor until they were in tiny pieces. (The carrots were dry pieces the size of peppercorns; the zucchini was mush, basically).

Put the chopped carrots, zucchini and lentils in a pot with enough water to cover and make a good soup consistency. Add the seasonings and simmer until the lentils and carrots are cooked. Adjust the saltiness with some more Herbamare* to taste, if needed.

What you will end up with is TWO soups: the squash soup and the lentil soup. I haven't tried this yet (I'll let you know how it goes tonight), but I'm going to pour each soup into the soup bowls from opposite sides at the same time, so that each bowl is filled half with squash and half with lentil soup.

Should make a festive-looking presentation if it works...

*Herbamare is an absolutely fantastic organic vegetable and sea salt seasoning. It can instantly add depth to the flavour of any dish. Look for it in the organic seasonings section of your grocery store or natural foods store.

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Michelle Lynne Goodfellow said...

So, Trish chickened out on the lentil soup. I doctored up the squash soup for her with some cooked potatoes and a garnish of garlic sour cream (just add one or two crushed garlic cloves to 1/4 cup of sour cream and let sit for several hours).

I tried out the two-soup trick for myself, and it worked great. I also garnished my own double soup with the garlic sour cream. Yummy...