Saturday, September 15, 2007

eggs and salt

I'm a vegetarian, and while I've flirted with veganism (not eating any animal products at all) over the years, I currently consume eggs and dairy.

I love eggs prepared any way. My favorite is hard-boiled. Every four days I boil four eggs, and then eat one of those eggs per day until they're all gone. At which point I boil four more eggs...

When I moved into my current apartment I nabbed a shaker from my parents' kitchen, filled with six different kinds of salt. My dad got it as a Christmas gift, I think. It sat on their spice shelf unused for a couple of years. When I asked Mom if I could take it, she gave me the nod. (She barely tolerates Dad's foodie acquisitiveness.)

Of course, what did that shaker do but sit unused on MY shelf for nearly a year? Good thinking, Michelle.

This past week I finally decided I needed to use that salt or re-gift it. I mean, I'm a professional organizer, for heaven's sake! What would my clients think?

(Umm... that I'm human?)

Anyhow, I opened up the individual sections and transferred the salts into tiny Mason jars that I will be more likely to use. (I like to sprinkle salt with my hands, not from a shaker.)

As I transferred, I tasted. It was kind of fun. There was some fleur de sel, which I already have, and some coarse grey sea salt. Then there was some fine, free-running Italian sea salt. Those were pretty normal.

The cool salts were crazy colours. One was coarse and red—Hawaiian clay salt. Another was golden. It was smoked. The final one was powdery pink, and the label said it was European black salt. It had a really sulphuric flavour that made me think of eggs...

So I've had some on my hard-boiled eggs the last couple of days. Yum.

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