Sunday, September 16, 2007

bread and olive oil

More about food.

One of my favorite treats lately is this really chunky, hearty whole-wheat bread from Dominion. They sell it in the fresh-baked bread section. It's got a really earthy texture. Chewy, like home-baked whole-wheat bread.

I take a slice and tear it into chunks, then drizzle extra virgin olive oil all over it. Yum.

Which reminds me, I was in Greektown with a friend on Friday night, and we stopped by a natural foods store on Donlands near O'Connor (forget the name of the store). There was a salesman inside, demonstrating an organic brand of olive oil from Greece. He was a hoot. He encouraged us to sample the olive oil by dipping chunks of bread into an open dish of the oil. My friend declined, but I was right in there. I love free samples...

I won't kid you—the oil tasted amazing. Really mellow, but rich. Anyhow, then he tried to sell us some of the oil—which went for $17-$29 per bottle. We both said we had full bottles that we needed to use up first, and he pointed out that if we bought his smallest bottle we'd have a "starter kit" of his oil.

I had that running through my head the whole night. This guy and his olive oil "starter kit"...

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