Tuesday, April 21, 2009

various photos

Going a little nuts taking pictures lately... Here's a smattering of them for your viewing pleasure. They uploaded in reverse chronological order, so I'm leaving them that way. Doesn't really matter, for the sake of enjoying them. Above is a new rubber (silicone) scraper I got at the grocery store on the weekend. I can't resist this colour. Makes me think of robins' eggs and Caribbean water.

Also bought these narcissi at the grocery store. Impulse buy that is making me very happy right now.

At a rummage sale on Saturday I got this egg separator. I don't really need an egg separator - can't remember the last time I separated an egg - but I love its design.

At the same rummage sale I also got these three chunks of amethyst. They were totally dusty, but look AMAZING since I've washed them.

Below is a random shot of the top of my toilet tank. Slice of life, you might say.

Above is my cutlery drawer. The sight of the silver-greys inside the creamy white drawer makes me so happy every time I open it.

My aloe vera plant. I recently moved it from my kitchen to my front room, which gets better sunlight.

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