Friday, April 3, 2009

i killed my basting brush

For everyone who wants to know what I did to my basting brush (an explanation assembled from a number of tweets on Twitter):

I have a cast iron frying pan. Old-fashioned things appeal to me. Plus it adds iron to my food, and heaven knows I need iron.

What with all the blood I lose every month.

The thing about cast iron frying pans is, things tend to stick to them. (In this particular equation, "things" = "food.")

And to prevent "things" from sticking to cast iron pans, you need to occasionally "season" them.

And to "season" cast iron pans, you basically need to burn oil in them. Until the burnt oil creates a coating that keeps food from sticking.

In theory, if not in practice.

Mom, you'll be happy to know that my smoke alarm is still working.

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