Saturday, October 31, 2009


So this is my first Hallowe'en ever, on my own. Where I have to give out candy. The last three years I lived alone in Toronto, but I was in a building and kids didn't visit. Before that, I always lived with someone else, and let them do the whole Hallowe'en thing.

So I bought some potato chip variety packs, which I was hoping I would still find at 5:45PM on Hallowe'en night. Thank you, Price Chopper. And the packages even had coupons on them, so I got two FREE packs of Quaker granola bars. I am handing those out first (I can't eat them). I CAN eat potato chips.

No kids so far. Maybe I'll have none, who knows? Above is the little table I set up beside my door, with the granola bars in the basket. Awesome. I almost feel Hallowe'eny, now. Below is one of the boys, also excited. (But probably more so about possible opportunities to escape and explore the stairway.)

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