Sunday, September 27, 2009

you are what you read while sitting on the toilet

I was thinking this morning (while sitting on the toilet) that what I read while sitting on the toilet* has probably had a huge influence on what has happened in my life. I'm extrapoliting that it may also be so for you... hence this post.

For example: Until recently, I had my near-toilet magazine rack (above) filled with health magazines - mostly the free, promotional ones like Alive and Tonic that I've picked up at health stores in Toronto and London over the years. And strangely enough - although I've always had a somewhat healthy diet - I've realized that I now, without really planning it, have an incredibly healthy diet and (somewhat so) lifestyle. I've cut out refined sugar, and I eat copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans daily. I also recently started drinking green tea every day. And I walk a total of half an hour daily, every Monday to Friday.

Thinking back, there was a time in my life when I was constantly reading a book that my father owned - on the power of positive thinking - every time I sat on the toilet. And a few months later I fell in love and moved 120 miles to a brand new life.

Then there was the time I stocked my bathroom reading pile with fashion and craft magazines... and I started making tea cosies.

I recently got tired of all the health magazines, so I re-stocked my in-flight reading stash with the most recent magazines that I've bought - which makes them several months old, since I've stopped buying magazines. But anyhow... there's a copy or two of O Magazine, and a yoga magazine or two, and Body and Soul... and also a couple of Fast Companies, although I didn't necessarily mean to have that particular title featured in the photo, above. Product placer, I am not. (But I will gladly accept retroactive sponsorships. Just saying, Fast Company.)

So I am interested to find out what kind of person I'll be in a few months...

(Since I seem to be shooting for multi-millionaire entrepreneur with a great yoga butt...)

*Yes, I'm talking about pooing here, people. I read while I poo. I've heard all sorts of opinions on the topic - like how it's bad for you and may give you hemorrhoids if you sit so long on a toilet that you actually have time to read something - but basically I don't seem to be able to poo if I don't have reading material in my hands. In strangers' houses, I have resorted to reading body lotion and shampoo bottles. True.

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