Sunday, August 30, 2009

yoga with ktnz

This morning I did yoga for the first time in several weeks. Felt good. Michelle needs yoga. Thing is, now that I have kittens, my practice is not quite so serene and straightforward as it used to be. Because now I am joined on the mat by two creatures whose sole job seems to be to totally distract me from doing any yoga at all.

Plus they're adding an unwelcome, aggressive (even violent) element to my practice, by fighting with each other on my mat.

Momentary pause to regroup.

Another attack.

Later: Even when they stop fighting, they still distract me by clawing my mat, which is apparently the world's best cat-scratch surface, based on recent experience.


Doing tadasana (mountain pose), one kitten takes the opportunity to use the mat as a cloaking device.

Yoga all done for the day, the boys stretch out gracefully. As if to say, Disruptive? Us?

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