Saturday, May 30, 2009

more flowers from laurie's front yard

Took some photos of Laurie's flowers when I dropped her off after our visit to the farmer's market. Above is a really ugly photo, because there's something totally wrong with one of those petals, and there was a really gross brownish thing to the left of the blossom. Oh well.

These are violets that Laurie transplanted last week. They look really pretty, although after seeing the photo I realized that some of the petals look pretty moth-eaten. Oh well.

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Ellebee said...

I planted these violets at the base of a very old tree. Between the tree roots, and errant gravel from my driveway, it's hard to dig holes in the area, so the flowers were planted somewhat haphazardly.

Yes, that's right: I committed random acts of violets.